The Wilmington Public Library District gladly accepts donations of gently used books, DVDs, video games, and magazines. While we appreciate you considering us at all please know that we cannot accept books that smell heavily of cigarette smoke or mold, or are yellowed with age. If you have any items we cannot accept, we do offer a recycle bin that can be a good way to dispose of such materials without filling your own garbage.

When we receive your donations we go through all the items to see if there is anything we can add to our collection. Sometimes we replace a popular novel we have worn out with your thoughtful gift, sometimes we send them to a smaller, sister library, who has no copy at all. Regardless we try to find a way to use your donation.  If we cannot find a good home we add the items to our book sales and raise funds for the library.  We love donations of DVDs but are asking at this time to please not give us your VHS tapes, even that fabulous Disney collection.  We have information for recycling options for those items,  please call and ask for reference.